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ROTEX® SH torsionally flexible coupling with split hubs

Coupling with split hubs / SPLIT hubs

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX SH is an elastomer coupling with split hubs / SPLIT hubs (half shell coupling) easy to service and is characterized by easy assembly and disassembly.

This design is also referred to as drop-our center design coupling, half shell coupling, clamping coupling, coupling with split hubs or elastomer coupling with split clamping hub.

Elastomer coupling with split hubs / SPLIT hubs:

The hubs of the half shell coupling ROTEX SH have been split into two halves precisely, mechanically and reliably by "cracking". A rough surface with positive-locking connection ensuring an accurate fit of the two halves is generated. The contoured, rough cracked surfaces ensure ideal centering of the hub halves. The split hubs allow to assemble and disassemble the elastomer coupling radially via four screws without displacing the adjacent power packs. This makes the elastomer coupling with split clamping hub particularly easy to assemble and service.

Please find more detailed information about the torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX SH with SPLIT hubs here.

Benefits of couplings with split hubs:

Versions with half shells such as the torsionally flexible half shell coupling ROTEX SH have been part of our product range for decades.
Please find more detailed information about benefits of half-shell couplings in our article "Couplings with split hubs: benefits and applications".

  • Torsionally flexible, vibration-damping jaw coupling / elastomer coupling with split clamping hubs (drop-out center design coupling)
  • Material cast iron
  • Easy assembly/disassembly via four screws
  • Centering of both hub halves through the cracked surface
  • Displacing the power packs is not necessary for assembly
  • Replacement of spider without displacing driving and driven side
  • Particularly suitable for narrow mounting spaces
  • Complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
  • Axial, radial, angular compensation

Please refer to more details here.

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General description of torsionally flexible jaw couplings

ROTEX® torsionally flexible jaw couplings are elastomer couplings characterized by a compact design.

In spite of low weights and mass moments of inertia of the elastomer couplings they are able to transmit high torques. The compact shaft couplings are characterized by a long service life and sound operating characteristics generated by allover machining.

Thanks to the elastomer (elastomer spider) between the coupling hubs of the jaw couplings shocks respectively torsional vibrations in the drive train are damped. The high temperature-resistant spider material T-PUR® (elastomer) is available in various degrees of hardness. The torsionally flexible ROTEX couplings are used in almost every range of general machinery and plant engineering.

Properties of torsionally flexible jaw couplings:

ROTEX shaft couplings consist of two hubs (aluminium or steel) and a spider (elastomer ring / cam ring) made of T-PUR® (elastomer). The different degrees of hardness of the T-PUR-spider allow to adjust the level of damping and torsional stiffness of the elastomer coupling.

ROTEX couplings require few mounting space and thus enable easy assembly/disassembly. The numerous types provide for maximum flexibility and meet with the different mounting requirements through various types of hubs.

Function of torsionally flexible jaw couplings:

Jaw couplings ensure torsional vibration-damping power transmission and absorb shocks generated by machines with irregular operation.

In contrast to flexible couplings the connecting elements of which are subjected to bending and therefore to earlier wear, the flexible teeth of ROTEX couplings (elastomers) are subjected to compressive stress only. The benefit of the elastomer coupling thus is to resist significantly higher loads.

The elastomers become deformed with load and high speeds. Sufficient expansion space must be provided.

All sizes of ROTEX elastomer couplings have a maximum torsion angle of 5°. They can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Material of torsionally flexible jaw couplings:

Our elastomer material T-PUR® (elastomer) is resistant to higher temperatures and has a considerably longer service life than common polyurethanes. From a visual point of view we marked the T-Pur material by the colours orange (92 Shore A), purple (98 Shore A) and light green (64 Shore D).

The previous polyurethane spiders in the colours yellow, red and natural white with green marking of teeth continue to be available on request.


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