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0 - 2,750,000 Nm

GEARex® DA all-steel gear coupling

Due to the position of the hubs the all-steel gear coupling GEARex DA has a very short shaft distance dimension.

The hubs of this gear coupling can be axially fastened by thread for setscrews or interference fit.

Adjustments of material of sleeve and hubs allow for the transmission of high torques. Thanks to the cover design the gear coupling can easily be mounted. The spline can be visually inspected by dismounting the cover.

  • Double-cardanic all-steel gear coupling
  • High power density
  • High torques up to 2,750,000 Nm with small dimensions
  • Sleeve in cover design for easy assembly
  • High torques with small dimensions
  • Both hubs are turned inside
  • Short dimensions
  • Application ranges: mechanical engineering, pump drives, compressors and steel mills
  • Complying with ATEX (acc. to EU directive 2014/34/EU)
  • UKEX compliant (according to UKEX Directive SI 2016:1107)
  • Double-cardanic
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Based on the operating principle of the renowned crowned gear, edge pressure in the spline is avoided with angular and radial displacements. In addition the permanent lubrication generates beneficial friction conditions of the spline with almost wear-free operation, combined with a high service life expectation of the coupling.

To assure regular and monitored lubrication when mounted, there are two opposite hydraulic connections radially on every coupling sleeve, thus four connections offset to each other by 90°  with a complete GEARex gear coupling.

The interior space of the coupling is sealed via O-rings (NBR 70 ShA). The feather keyways must be sealed against escape of lubricant with assembly.

  • Safety couplings
  • Brakes

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