Torsionally flexible jaw couplings with SPLIT hubs

Radial disassembly possible even in narrow spaces: ROTEX® S-H with SPLIT hubs

In the ROTEX SH series with SPLIT hubs, the hub bodies are divided into two halves. This manufacturing process allows radial assembly and disassembly of the spacer coupling without having to shift the input and output sides. In addition, the spider is easily accessible and can be easily replaced; even in this case the adjacent components do not have to be disassembled. The coupling is bolted together in block assembly with only four screws (up to size 90, 3,600 Nm).

    Rotary Lobe Pump by NETZSCH

    Assembly and disassembly of ROTEX S-H Split on Rotary Lobe Pump by NETZSCH

    Installation and maintenance made easy:

    Our REVOLEX KX-D and ROTEX S-H couplings greatly simplify the process of installation and maintenance due to their split hub design.

    Sizes and types of ROTEX® S-H


    The new online tool allows to configure the ROTEX® S-H suitable for your application in just a few steps. The spider (elastomer) is available in three hardness grades which is realized by the new high-temperature resistant material T-PUR®.

    For other details, e. g. use in potentially explosive atmospheres or details about the dismounting dimensions, refer to the ROTEX® operating/assembly instructions.

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    ROTEX® S-H with split hubs


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