The sustained concentration in shipbuilding resulted in establishing very large shipyards acting internationally. Apart from that there are highly specialized suppliers for individual markets such as work boats, leisure boats and yachts.

Freight rates, international trade and the oil price are central parameters for the economic situation of the overall industry which has a significant influence on the global exchange of raw materials, energy sources and industrial goods. Since the international exchange of goods grows continuously the medium- and long-term prospects are positive. In addition the tourism market with its cruise liners contributes to the situation.

The trend in ship propulsion are highly efficient, e. g. energy-saving and low-emission drives.

KTR provide the leading suppliers in the marine business with a wide portfolio of couplings, electromechanic and hydraulic brakes, shaft connections, coolers and hydraulic components. These components are used in the main and auxiliary drives of freight, passenger and work boats as well as hoists, crane systems and pumps on board. They contribute significantly to efficiency and a long service life of the respective drive systems. This applies in particular to new concepts such as bow thrusters, yaw drives and waterjet propulsion.

The components distributed by our business unit „Marine“ were generally developed for harsh conditions at sea (24/7 use, salt water, vibrations, limited service options). They are certified in accordance with the specifications of the relevant inspection companies like ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, ClassNK and Ghost. The portfolio furthermore includes customized developments such as the torsionally rigid RADEX-N couplings for the positioning drives of the beams of the world’s largest work boat, the Pioneering Spirit.


Our product range for Marine Industry


Torsionally flexible jaw couplings of the ROTEX series for torques up to 35,000 Nm as well as flexible pin & bush couplings of the series REVOLEX KX-D or torques up to 98,000 Nm are used­ as a...

Examples of use

KTR Ident

KTR Ident is our solution to the ever-increasing customer requirements regarding "product documentation" and "traceability".

KTR Ident collects all product-relevant data during the entire value-added process, prepares it in detail and issues it automatically - including all required documents such as certificates, test certificates etc.

KTR Ident identifies, documents and enables the traceability of product specifics, materials as well as manufacturing and assembly processes.