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Product image KTR-SI Compact backlash-free overload systems flange type

KTR-SI Compact FT

3 - 3,100 Nm / Safety coupling as a flange type

Backlash-free, load-separating safety coupling as a flange type

The safety coupling KTR SI Compact FT is a torque limiter as a flange type. This safety coupling allows for easy attachment of customer components (e. g. belt pulleys).

The solid overload system KTR-SI is available in various designs (Standard and Compact) and operating principles (ratchet, synchronous,) providing overload protection up to 3,100 Nm.


  • safety couplings as a ratchet and synchronous type

  • maintenance-free

  • hardened surfaces

  • precision 10%

  • corrosion-protected

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