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Product image EMB-STOP S A xx F active floating caliper brakes electromecanical brake systems


Clamping forces up to 65 kN / Electrical active holding brake for low and medium performance ranges

The active floating caliper brake EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F is an electrical brake system for the low and average performance range.

EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F is a solid disk brake mainly used as a holding brake and parking brake. The active electrically applied shaft brake is in a position to keep the plant without energy with numerous applications. Typical applications are high-speed generator shafts of smaller to medium-size wind turbines, low performance propeller shafts and plants that need to be locked at standstill.

Self-locking brake:
The active floating caliper brake EMB-STOP S-A-xx-F is self-locking which means that the brake remains in the current condition, i. e. either released or applied even if the supply voltage fails.


  • Clamping forces up to 65 kN

  • mechanical manual actuation possible

  • suitable for rough ambient conditions

  • Variable clamping force setting ex works

  • common mechanical interfaces available

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