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Product image EMB-STOP M P xx F Fast Braking passive active floating caliper brakes


up to 150 kN / passive, spring-actuated safety brake

The passive floating caliper brake EMB-STOP M-P-xxx-F is an electric disk brake (emergency-stop brake).

The safety brake EMB-STOP M-P-xxx-F realises high braking forces and has an extremely fast response time or approximately 100 ms.

EMB-STOP as an emergency brake or safety brake:

The brake that is actuated and electrically released by plate springs is highly suited for use as an emergency brake in large industrial systems and machines.


  • spring-operated

  • electromechanical venting

  • extremely fast braking time

  • mechanical, manual actuation/ventilation possible

  • integrated switches/sensors: "released", "wear"

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