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Product image SYNTEX-NC backlash-free overload systems backlash-freer ROTEX GS


0 - 550 [Nm] / Safety coupling with backlash-free ROTEX® GS

Safety coupling with backlash-free servo coupling

The backlash-free safety coupling SYNTEX-NC with ROTEX GS is a combination of an overload coupling and a servo coupling.

The coupling provides all properties and capabilities of safety couplings and torsionally flexible, backlash-free servo couplings.

The combination of the safety couplings as a ratchet type DK or SK (engaging automatically) is available in combination with the numerous hub types of the ROTEX GS servo coupling range.


  • compact (able to compensate for displacements)

  • torsionally flexible

  • axial plug-in

  • electrically insulating

  • lightweight design for low inertia

Applications of the safety coupling with backlash-free servo coupling:

Wherever drives need to position precisely. The various hub versions and different kinds of Shore hardness provide the optimum coupling for each application in automation technology. It is seen as the standard solution for ball screws with a pitch of s<40.

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