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Product image POLY-NORM BTA SBA flexible couplings brake drum brake disk for stop brake


0 - 13,400 Nm / torsionally flexible, fail-safe shaft coupling

The torsionally flexible shaft coupling POLY-NORM® ADR-SBA is a shaft coupling combined with a brake disk. The POLY-NORM type ADR-SBA is intended for holding brakes.

Please note with combinations of shaft couplings with brake disk the high circumferential speed that may result. We recommend dynamic balancing with high-speed drives from 30 m/s. The brake disk is positioned on the driven side where the highest mass moment of inertia is effective.


  • torsionally flexible shaft coupling with brake disk

  • for disk brakes as a holding brake

  • elastomer spider can be replaced when assembled

  • axial plug-in, easy assembly

  • maintenance-free

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