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Product image KTR-STOP XXL xxx F passive active floating caliper brakes hydraulic brake systems


800 to 1,200 kN / passive, spring-actuated floating caliper brake

Applicable as a holding brake or service brake 

The passive brake KTR-STOP XXL-xxx-F is a spring-actuated floating caliper brake.

The brake caliper of KTR-STOP XXL-xxx-F is designed like the floating caliper brakes having the benefit to operate free from axial forces. This prevents damage on the drive train, even if there is an incorrect setting or an error in the installation. Long maintenance intervals and optimised operating costs are possible thanks to the use of guide rings and the option of completely wearing off the pads.

Depending on the size of the drive, this brake KTR-STOP XXL-xxx-F (floating caliper brake) is used as a holding brake or service brake. All features of these floating caliper brakes are designed to operate reliably under adverse environmental conditions and to produce low operating costs.


  • Use in cryogenic temperature range

  • optimised floating caliper design

  • Pressure connections on the rear side

  • reinforced centering system for optimised floating behaviour

  • Leakage oil connections on the back of the brake

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