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RUFLEX® Torque limiters

The  RUFLEX torque limiter provides for load-holding, frictionally engaged overload protection.  When the torque set is exceeded, the drive element slips.

As soon as the occurring torque decreases, the torque limiter automatically continues to transmit the torque.

The combination with the renowned  KTR couplings and the integration of customised drive components (e. g. sprockets) allows for overload protection optimally adjusted to the application for torques of up to 12,000 Nm.

Our range of  torque limiters includes RUFLEX Standard, RUFLEX with sprocket, RUFLEX max. (torque limiter in a lengthened design for wide drive components), RUFLEX with ROTEX (torque limiter for shaft-to-shaft connections) and RUFLEX with BoWex (torque limiter as a torsionally stiff double-cardanic shaft-to-shaft connection).