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Product image KTR-STOP TB T drum braken electro hydraulic brake systems


up to 10 kN / Drum brake

Drum brake with settable braking torque

The spring-actuated thruster brake KTR-STOP TB T is an electrohydraulic braking system (drum brake).

This brake operates in a spring-actuated mode. It applies in case of a power failure and is released via a brake fan. The braking torque of the spring-actuated drum brake can be set on site. The KTR-STOP TB T drum brake meets all requirements of DIN 15435 which ensures replaceability.

Depending on the application, the brake can be fitted with organic brake pads or brake pads made of sinter metal.

The KTR-STOP TB T drum brake is currently available in seven sizes. It generates braking torques of up to 10,000 Nm with a drum diameter of 710 mm.


  • Drum brakes: version acc. to DIN 15435

  • the fully enclosed spiral element improves protection against damage and dirt

  • adjustable braking torque

  • Pins and pull rod/spring balancer rod made of stainless steel

  • can be combined with ROTEX SBAN and POLY-NORM ADR-SBA

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