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General Drive Technology: SEW-EURODRIVE

Triple peaks

Twin cables are used to suspend each cabin of the new Zugspitze cable car. And each of the four cables is 4.6 km long, has a diameter of 72 mm and weighs 153 tons.

A total of six years planning and construction have been invested in this shuttle service which gets into gear in the new base station. The cabins are driven via a twin drive having a rated power of 1,800 Nm. The two spur gears were manufactured by SEW-EURODRIVE, each having a rated torque of 240,000 Nm. Alfred Imhof AG, SEW’s Swiss subsidiary, was responsible for project planning. Project engineer Peter Baumgartner who also selected the three couplings was responsible for the selection of gearboxes.

The couplings are supplied by KTR. They make sure that the power generated by the motors and gearboxes is transmitted to the two cable sheaves.