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Technical contacts

Do you have a technical request? Get in touch with us. We are happy to be there for you.

Well advised: The application consultants of KTR are the right contact persons for all questions regarding technical details and other product-related concerns. 
Are you planning your next project? We are there and will find the best solution together with you. 

Simply select your desired product and your contact person will be displayed with their contact details.

Your technical engineering support for brake systems

Fabian Liekam
Product manager hydraulic and electromechanical brake systems

Placeholder Contact

Hydraulic and electromechanical brake systems - Sales

Your technical engineering support for torque limiters

Dirk Kohls
Product manager torque limiters

Placeholder Contact

Torque limiters - Sales

Your technical engineering support for measuring torque

Jürgen Kösters
Product manager torque sensors

Placeholder Contact

Torque measuring technology - Sales

Your technical engineering support for hydraulic components

Christoph Bettmer
Product Manager hydraulic components

Placeholder Contact

Hydraulic components - Sales

Horst Bruns
Product manager steel tanks

Your technical engineering support for cooling systems

Hendrik Stroet
Product Manager OAC coolers

Placeholder Contact

Oil/air coolers - Sales

Joachim Grunwald
Product manager combined coolers

Placeholder Contact

Combined coolers - Sales

Your technical engineering support for couplings

Andreas Hücker
Product manager gear couplings and flange couplings

Placeholder Contact

Gear couplings and flange couplings - Sales

Ansgar Silies
Product manager all-steel gear couplings

Placeholder Contact

All-steel gear couplings - Sales

Michael Brüning
Product manager elastic jaw and pin and bush couplings

Placeholder Contact

Elastic jaw and pin and bush couplings - Sales

Marie-Christin Maier
Product manager highly flexible couplings

Placeholder Contact

Highly flexible couplings - Sales

Reiner Banemann
Product manager steel lamina couplings

Placeholder Contact

Steel lamina couplings - Sales

Johannes Deister
Product manager backlash-free servo couplings

Placeholder Contact

Backlash-free servo couplings - Sales

Marco Vorholt
Product manager magnetic couplings

Placeholder Contact

Magnetic couplings - Sales

Verena Ostermann
Technical support for Fluid couplings

Placeholder Contact

Fluid couplings - Sales