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Product image steel tanks BNK Hydraulic components BNK type A DIN24339

BNK steel tank

63 to 2,000 litres / Manufacturing acc. to DIN24339:2016-04

The steel tanks type  BNK are manufactured acc. to DIN24339:2016-04

All tanks are made of quality steel. The seal seams are welded twice and inspected for 100 per cent tightness.

The tanks are blasted with a surface preparation according to SA 2.5. We use a high-quality 2K epoxy resin primer that has a high resistance to oil.  

On request we provide the  tanks with final painting. We are pleased to perform remachining such as additional sleeves, flanges or drilling holes.

Our  tanks are easily accessible inside due to the cleaning cover. The tanks are available without a tank cover, too. In addition we manufacture the tanks from stainless steel as well.


  • With bores for optional filler neck and oil level indicator

  • With pre-assembled cleaning cover

  • Cover machining according to customer specification possible

  • Incl. oil drain plug and tank cover gasket

  • Hydraulic components - 100 % tightness test

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Horst Bruns
Product manager steel tanks