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Aluminium tank BAK by KTR Systems

Aluminium tank BAK

10 - 100 litres / Stackable with and without oil collecting groove

The BAK aluminium tanks are shape bound tanks manufactured by low-pressure diecasting or pressure diecasting, depending on the type.

BAK tanks have a  good cooling capacity  due to high thermal conductivity  and large surfaces.

The material  aluminium makes them lightweight so that they can be delivered in small quantities via parcel service.

They are partly available both with and without oil collecting groove welded on. Subject to their design they are stackable which saves space. Available with a  volume from 10 to 100 litres.


  • made of aluminium, no extra painting required
  • Enclosing oil collecting groove for leakage oil
  • circumferential oil collecting rim for leakage oil partly retrofittable
  • good heat dissipation rate by high thermal conductivity
  • designed for pressureless operation

Product Details


Christoph Bettmer - Product Manager hydraulic components