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For us, compliance means: responsible conduct

Lawful and responsible conduct is one of the fundamental pillars KTR’s entrepreneurial success is based on. We proclaim the constitutional order and an economic system based on competition. Complying with law and order as well as ethical behaviour are part of our self-conception.

To reaffirm our self-conception, we undertook to adopt the ZVEI-VDMA Code of Conduct version 1/22.

We proclaim our social responsibility in accordance with its guidelines. The Code of Conduct provides a guiding framework for applying ethical standards such as honesty, integrity and law-abiding behaviour that is as binding for all employees of the company as for our suppliers. It is part and parcel of our corporate culture, thus forming the basis of the trust we are met with by customers, members, business partners and the public. We expect our suppliers to observe the principles defined therein as a basis of our business relations.

The emphasis of our Code of Conduct

With this document the general managers and members of the KTR Group provide the employees as well as managers, but also suppliers and external partners with a binding guideline depicting the business ethics and integrity of the KTR Group. The Code of Conduct involves passages of the following chapters:

  • observance of the laws
  • integrity and compliance
  • health and safety
  • remuneration and working times
  • observance of human rights
  • environment, energy and climate protection
  • handling conflict minerals
  • supply chain
  • consumer interests
  • implementation and enforcement

KTR reporting office

If you want to advise us of details about misconduct or violations of the Code of Conduct, you can do so here.  We will keep your notes confidential and – if requested – treat them anonymously.

For that purpose please use our official reporting channel in accordance with the German Whistleblower Protection Act:

KTR reporting channel

The reporting channel is available to in-house employees as well as external persons.

In addition there is the option to contact an external reporting office.
Here you will find an overview of external reporting offices.


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