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High Speed train

Made for motion is more than just a slogan. It is a commitment that drives us onwards and upwards every day.

Nicola Warning, Manager KTR


Reference projects

This is where new standards are set – these reference projects show how KTR helps to implement pioneering projects, to take the art of engineering to a new level and to break records. Let yourself be surprised by all the different places where products from Rheine turn up!

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MeyGen ocean current power station

The world’s largest tidal power station is currently being built off the coast of Scotland. It’s being used underwater as part of a pilot project: the RADEX®-N by KTR.

MayGen ocean power station
The Pioneering Spirit


At Frankfurt Airport a fully-automatic funicular commutes without driver now. Tailor-made KTR couplings make sure for a smoothless operation.