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Installation instructions

Have your installation instructions gone missing? Don’t worry. You can easily download them here free of charge. After selecting the product and your preferred language, all available documents will be displayed to you in an overview.

49510 EN
POLY-NORM® Operating/Assembly instructions
49511 EN
POLY-NORM® Operating/Assembly instructions Types BTA, BT, SBA and SB
49510 DE
POLY-NORM® Betriebs-/Montageanleitung
49510 ES
POLY-NORM® Instrucciones de servicio y de montaje
49510 FI
POLY-NORM® Käyttö-/asennusohje
49510 FR
POLY-NORM® Notice d’utilisation/de montage
49510 JP
POLY-NORM® 取扱説明書
49510 NL
POLY-NORM® Gebruikers-/montagehandleiding
49510 SE
POLY-NORM® Användarhandbok/Monteringsanvisning
49511 DE
POLY-NORM® Betriebs-/Montageanleitung Bauart BTA, BT, SBA und SB
49511 ES
POLY-NORM® Instrucciones de servicio y de montaje Modelo BTA, BT, SBA y SB
49511 NL
POLY-NORM® Gebruikers-/montagehandleiding Type BTA, BT, SBA en SB
49511 RU
POLY-NORM® Инструкция по монтажу и эксплуатации Исполнение BTA, BT, SBA и SB