In Sight KTR - Podcast

You do not have enough yet and want to learn more about KTR? No problem!

Here you can find our podcast „In Sight KTR“. You will receive answers to your questions about the company and our products both via sound track and video. Every month we will deal with a new subject, gather your questions in advance and will then have our staff answer your questions.

Our next episode will cover the following issues:

  • KTR Brazil

Episode 23: KTR South Africa in focus

Episode 22: Social Media in Engineering

Episode 21: 2021, the year of the new products – EVOLASTIC® and SINULASTIC®

Episode 20: Rubber, the heart of the coupling

Episode 19: Getting to know KTR Finland

Episode 18: Rheine, the cradle of KTR

Episode 17: Trainings and webinars – Learning with and at KTR

Episode 16: KTR Ident – Everything transparent

Episode 15: Wind energy – Where will the journey go (for KTR)?

Episode 14: Coolers – fresh wind for KTR

Episode 13: Training at KTR – Trainer and trainee report

Episode 12: KTR worldwide – Getting to know KTR in the U.S.

Episode 11: Old hand vs. trainee – KTR then and now

Episode 10: Made for Motion – Why also produce brakes?

Episode 9 – Brexit: How does it affect (our) business?

Episode 8 – Online Tools vs. personal service

Episode 7 – Think Tank – Forge of ideas for innovation?

Episode 6: Being part of the puzzle - the international KTR family

Episode 5: The magic word customer proximity

Episode 4: Sales (R)evolution – How the pandemic has changes Sales

Episode 3 – IT and mechanical engineering – a strategic decision

Episode 2: Internationalization

Episode 1: KTR – Tradition vs. Innovation