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Machine tools

They say you can either do a job quickly, or you can do it properly. We say you can do both – if you have the right components. Selecting the right coupling will determine, for example, the performance of the overall system. Optimum dynamics and precise positioning are then available on demand in tooling machines – both at the same time, in fact.

That’s why a number of servomotor manufacturers have been recommending KTR for years. What’s more, they are happy to put it in writing – their project manuals feature ROTEX® GS as a standard solution for ball-type linear drives, for example. This trust is based – and we quote – on the ‘optimal power take-off characteristics’ in the axial plug-in jaw coupling and its capacity to prevent ‘unwanted mechanical vibrations’.

Renowned carmakers even demand that KTR couplings be used in some systems and equipment. However, we don’t rest on such laurels but rather continue to steadily expand our product portfolio with sector-specific components. The backlash-free steel lamina coupling RADEX®-NC was specifically designed for servomotors, while the shaft encoder coupling COUNTEX® is a special development for measuring and control technology. In fact, together with the German Engineering Association (VDMA), we have created the ROTEX® GS-P for short drill spindles on multi-spindle drill heads.

You see, if the perfect solution does not exist yet, we will find it. That’s just another job that we do quickly and properly.

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