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Increased high-temperature requirements?

No problem with our new materials

The latest developments in the field of combustion engines, such as the new exhaust gas stages and the associated increased operating temperatures, present components with new challenges. 

In the field of our highly flexible flange coupling SINULASTIC, we have found the answer to precisely these challenges, as the product range has been expanded to include new materials: synthetic rubber (EPDM) and silicone rubber (SI).

„We are perfectly positioned for adjusting the optimal torsional vibration situation of every application by the broad product line relating to temperature resistance and torsion spring stiffness“, says Marie-Christin Maier, product manager at KTR.

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New cooling performance test bench

Precise adaptation of our cooling systems to any requirement profile 

At our site in Rheine, Germany, we put a new cooling performance test stand into operation this year. The combination of wind tunnel and units that convey and temper the media to be cooled was developed for performance tests of combination coolers and enables the cooling system to be precisely adapted to the respective requirement profile.

By the way, our product portfolio currently includes multi-medium coolers, oil/air coolers and oil/water coolers for mobile machinery and stationary hydraulics, either as custom-made or standard solutions, in maritime or ATEX design.

When it comes to coolers, do you want everything from a single source?