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Steel Lamina Couplings / Shaft Coupling

Our steel lamina coupling is a specially developed high-performance coupling that delivers optimum torque transmission and torsional rigidity. Developed on FEM calculations, the steel lamina coupling features stainless steel laminae, alternatively screwed, with hubs and spacers to enable a combination of frictional engagement and positive locking.

The connection between the steel lamina packings and the hubs or spacers is key to the coupling’s performance. The couplings have a high-power density design while still handling various forms of misalignment and maintaining low restoring forces.

With its high performance, the steel lamina coupling is ideal for a range of applications in the mechanical and plant engineering industries.

At KTR, we have a range of steel lamina couplings available to suit any business. This includes the precision designed RADEX® coupling, which is artificially pre-stressed, allowing the coupling to be completely backlash-free and torsionally-stiff, providing the precision, dependability and accuracy needed for motion for control applications.

Our range of steel lamina coupling designs also includes RIGIFLEX®, a torsionally rigid backlash free API coupling, ideal for oil & gas and petrochemical applications. Featuring laminae sets arranged in layers which are connected to the hubs or flanges with positive-locking set screws, RIGIFLEX® is suitable for high speeds and torques while still accounting for misalignment and offering torsional stiffness.


At KTR, we are a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission technology, braking and cooling systems, and hydraulic components.

With a strong belief in innovation, we have used over 50 years of knowledge and experience to create and supply the steel lamina couplings your business needs.

Our steel lamina couplings give your business dependable high performances that you can rely on. In addition, they’re also completely maintenance-free, saving you valuable time and money.

Customisable to a range of applications, we provide the couplings and expertise you need to keep your company in motion and make sure that nothing slows you down.