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Magnetic Couplings

A magnetic coupling transmits torque from one shaft to another by using a magnetic field. With no physical contact, the magnetic coupling allows you to keep your shafts completely separate from each other ad more importantly, your medium free of leakage or exposure to environmental elements. 

The coupling is made from an external and internal rotor. Both rotors have high-quality permanent magnets which are attached to each other, inner side of the external rotor to the outside of the internal rotor. A special shroud ensures a hermetic seal of the pumping medium is achieved, avoiding leakage or ingress of external contaminants. Furthermore, the inner rotor itself is fully sealed, ensuring that no fluids or gases can damage the coupling. The rotors are installed opposite each other on the different shafts and the drive side is rotated (typically the outer rotor), the magnetic field is used to ensure the torque is reliably transmitted through the air gap to the inner rotor and driven side.  

Magnetic couplings have a longer life and durability than shaft seals, which will eventually wear out over time. With environment protection via a hermetic seal, the high-performance torque transmission of magnetic couplings can increase the efficiency and reliability of your system.


Because no physical contact is needed for magnetic couplings, these are the perfect coupling for applications where prevention of leakage or contamination is essential. Magnetic couplings are ideal for a range of applications, including for liquid pumps and propeller systems as the two shafts can be physically separated to stop the fluid from coming into contact with the motor operating in air.

Because the magnetic couplings are separate from each other, the couplings are also ideal for applications which require a basic and infrequent level of protection from torque overload.

With a range of products customised to your application, our magnetic couplings are designed to improve efficiency and save time and money in maintenance and downtime.

At KTR, we provide the magnetic coupling and expertise you need to keep your company in motion and make sure that nothing slows you down.