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Fluid Couplings

A fluid coupling is used to transmit rotating mechanical power, providing variable speed and controlled soft start-up in machine drives, avoiding shock loading. This makes fluid couplings an ideal alternative to mechanical clutches, as well as for applications such as conveyors and industrial machine drives.

At KTR, our fluid couplings are available in two main models of inner wheel drive and outer wheel drive. 

Regarding the inner wheel drive, the hollow shaft and connected inside paddle wheel act as a pump while the outer shell acts as a turbine. The power provided by the engine generates a rotational flow of fluid via the hollow shaft and the inside paddle wheel. This flow energy, in turn, gradually causes the outer shell to turn, thus transferring the rotational energy to the driven side, possibly through the connection of a flexible coupling or pulley.


The opposite is true for the outer wheel version - , the outer shell works as a pump and the inside paddle wheel with the hollow shaft works as a turbine. The power provided by the engine generates a rotational flow of fluid via the outer shell with paddle wheel.


Each model has its advantage. The inner wheel drive requires less power during the start-up of the engine and has standardisation of bores for uniform shafts of the electric motors. With a delay chamber, the inner wheel drive also has a slow-start up as the oil is sucked into the workspace. Alternatively, the outer wheel drive has good heat dissipation which makes it ideal for applications with frequent or long starting processes. The outer wheel also has an easier oil setting, which means that it can be turned out without moving the drive or the driven machine.


At KTR, we are a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission technology, braking and cooling systems, and hydraulic components.

With a strong belief in innovation, we use over 50 years of knowledge and experience to create and supply the best couplings available for your business.

With a range of products customised to your application, our fluid couplings are designed to give you complete control over your machine start-ups, improving efficiency while saving time and money in maintenance and downtime.


We provide the fluid coupling and expertise you need to keep your company in motion and make sure that nothing slows you down.