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Flange Couplings

Flange couplings are primarily designed for the connection of I.C. engines to rotating shafts, often  associated with mobile diesel applications and hydrostatic pump and drives.  

At KTR, we have a range of flange couplings available to suit any occasion, available to suit SAE flywheels connections from 6 ½” to 24” as standard. 

The couplings are customisable to a range of applications, including the options for different shore hardness and models that are torsionally-stiff, flexible or highly flexible. With compact dimensions, customisation and high performance, KTR’s flange coupling are perfect for mobile machines, hydrostatic drives and compressor units.

Our range of flange coupling products includes the BoWex®-ELASTIC coupling, which is available up to an engine power of 5000 kW and the Monolastic® coupling, which is ideal for the drive of diesel engine/hydraulic pumps up to 250 kW. In addition, we also offer pump mounting flanges which are directly mounted to the back plate of the engine to connect hydraulic pumps to a diesel engine. 


At KTR, we are a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission technology, braking and cooling systems, and hydraulic components.

With a strong belief in innovation, we use over 50 years of knowledge and experience to create and supply the best couplings available for your business.

With a range of products customised to your application, our flange couplings are designed to improve efficiency and save time and money in maintenance and downtime.

We provide the flange couplings and expertise you need to keep your company in motion and make sure that nothing slows you down.