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REVOLEX KX-D with KTR 650 clamping set

REVOLEX KX-D with KTR 650 clamping set
  • torsionally elastic
  • torsionally dampening
  • axial plug-in
  • absorbs angular misalignment
  • absorbs axial misalignment
  • absorbs radial misalignment
  • 80 degree max. operating temperature
  • Atex
  • maintenance-free
  • radial assembly, service friendly

Product features

  • Failsafe

  • Vibration-damping

  • Axial plug-in, easy assembly

  • Maintenance-free

  • Torques up to 265,000 Nm

  • Coupling to be disassembled radially

  • frictionally engaged shaft-hub connection


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REVOLEX® is a torsionally-flexible, failsafe pin & bush coupling. It can be plugged in axially and is characterized by its short design. In addition, REVOLEX® allows for an easy disassembly of the elastomer rings including the pins while being assembly. The REVOLEX® coupling compensates for every kind of shaft misalignment while transmitting the torque safely.

REVOLEX KX-D with KTR 650 clamping set
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The coupling consists of two hubs that are identical in construction. The pins and pocket holes alternate on the outer pitch circle. The torque is transmitted via the steel pins with their taper elastomer rings and the corresponding bores in the bush hub.

As a result all kinds of shaft misalignment, for example caused by inaccurate alignment of the driving or driven elements, is compensated for reliably and vibrations and shocks are compensated for excellently.

The coupling is maintenance-free and is used in general engineering and the pump industry, conveyor technology, etc. For an optimum adjustment to the different applications, 21-off sizes are available covering torques up to 1,220,000 Nm. Apart from the standard programme customized solutions are available. 

ATEX standard

ATEX standard

This type is certified and confirmed according to directive 2014/34/EU as unit of category 2G/2D and thus suitable for the use in hazardous areas of zone G1, G2, D21 and D22.