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Backlash-free servo couplings

Zero backlash couplings are designed for unrivalled performance and expertise in motion control applications. Giving you complete resistance to vibration and shock, zero backlash coupling is the must have coupling for applications which need precision in your motion control.  

Zero backlash couplings maintain the same relationship between the input and output shaft without any lost motion. With a low windup, the coupling gives precise motion control and accuracy without any positioning errors.

At KTR, we have a range of zero backlash coupling products available to suit any application. Our range includes the Toolflex®  coupling, which is made from a torsionally stiff, flexible metal that give critical control for a range of power transmission, automation, medical technology, packaging technology and machine tool applications.

Our range also includes the RADEX® zero backlash couplings, which used with temperatures up to 200° C and with harsh environments as well as the COUNTEX®   couplings, which is mainly designed to meet the demands in measuring and control technology.

Our zero backlash ROTEX® coupling is available with a variety of different hub designs which can be combined with one coupling size, allowing you versatility and optimum coupling for each application automation engineering.

At KTR, we believe in innovation.

As a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission technology,  braking and cooling systems, and hydraulic components, we believe in only supplying the best. That’s why all of our zero backlash couplings range is designed not only to make your system more efficient, but also to be ideal for variety of temperatures and environments and are maintenance free, saving your business time and money.

With a strong belief in innovation, we use   over 50 years of knowledge and experience to create and supply the best couplings available for your business.

We provide the coupling you need to keep your company in motion and make sure that nothing slows you down.