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We are on track – New cooler production plant in China

As of 2019, we have been manufacturing coolers for the world market in our new 9,000 square metre production facility in Jiaxing, 100 kilometres southwest of Shanghai. From the very beginning we have done so on a large scale: our goal is to process approximately 200 tons of aluminium monthly into high-performance cooling systems in the shape of MMC coolers for utility vehicles or as oil/air coolers in stationary hydraulic applications.

We will be in a position to commence series as well as small batch production in this plant using highly automated processes and, as a consequence, with consistently high-quality. A quality prerequisite is the close cooperation between design engineers at KTR headquarters in Rheine and our manufacturing specialists in Jiaxing. The engineering of the coolers takes place in Rheine as previously – be that for customized or standard solutions. Manufacturing takes place exclusively in Jiaxing.

Meanwhile we produce in Jiaxing combi-coolers in series for reputable German construction machinery and engine manufacturers at its new plant. >>KTR360.com


Product Manager MMC cooling systems

Joachim Grunwald
+ 49 5971 798+464

Interview with Joachim Grunwald

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  • KTR cooler production plant - charge carrier for the cores
  • KTR cooler production plant China - Leakage test of the coolers
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