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Wind power technology

Aiming high: KTR systems can even perform their task reliably at 135 metres above ground level. That’s because they’re designed to function under extreme loads of continual operation high in the air. Indeed, in such an optimum manner that we are now the world market leader for couplings in the wind power sector. Today, KTR sets things in motion in over 65,000 wind turbines. With thousands more being added every year, this trend shows no signs of stopping.

Are couplings alone not enough for you? Here you are: KTR produces complete multifunctional assemblies for drivetrains and offers tailored solutions for numerous components as per client specifications: couplings, brakes, cooling systems, oil pump units and torque measurement systems.

To ensure that these components also keep their promises, they are put through their paces before they are used, with the help of rotational vibration analysis, FEA (finite element analysis) calculations, laboratory tests and 3D coordinate measuring machines.

The key to easy installation of KTR couplings is a run-of-the-mill torque wrench. It is perfectly adequate for mounting in the constricted installation space in the nacelle. What’s more, because other KTR components such as brakes or high-performance coolers with compact dimensions also shine, you can fully equip your wind turbine with reliable technology.

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