Stronger and stronger, faster and faster: High productivity pressures

Currently agriculture provides about 7.3 billion people worldwide. 20 years from now these will most probably be 8.5 to 9.8 billion people, but farmland will not increase. This explains in simple words that agriculture is under high productivity pressures.

Machines are becoming more powerful with their working width and speed increasing. IT-supported „Precision Farming“ is now everyday, soon tractors will be on the way in the field without a driver. At the same time agricultural machines have to comply with stricter and stricter emission standards.

KTR has decades of history as a development partner and supplier of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, providing a wide product portfolio for this industry. Flexible flange couplings in various designs connect I. C.-engines and hydraulic pump(s) or splitterbox. In p. t. o.-driven machines like milling machines, crop protection sprayers and feed carriers jaw couplings operate under adverse conditions (moisture, sand, fertilizers, high mechanical load). KTR cooling systems for motor and hydraulics are essential components in the cooling circuit, again under extreme conditions.

With most projects in agricultural technology our business units „Engineered and Core Business“ cooperate with the customer already during the development stage. Part of the standard tasks of the design engineers are FEM calculations, coupling selection complying with DIN standards, torsional vibration calculations and the cooling capacity calculation in coordination with the engine manufacturer.


Receiving hoppers and store loaders

For cooling the oil in the hydraulic power pack, a fan is mounted on the motor shaft the air flow of which is led through the cooling laminas with no need for a separate drive.

PremiumFlow belt cutting systems

We developed a tailor-made coupling solution for the PremiumFlow series. Its basis was a standard ROTEX size 28 with split hubs, taper bore and feather keyway.

Examples of use