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Materials handling technology

Time is money, particularly in materials handling. The degree of automation and its speed are steadily increasing – as are the demands made of machines. As everything needs to run smoothly for gantry cranes, palletising robots, bulk goods carriers and other materials handling systems, you need couplings you can rely on. That’s because only they can absorb dynamic loads such as starting and impact torques and be relied on to compensate for shaft misalignment.

You will, of course, find such couplings at KTR: for example, the numerous variants of the maintenance-free, puncture-proof, torsionally flexible ROTEX® jaw coupling for crane systems. The backlash-free, torsionally rigid and maintenance-free RADEX® couplings with an FEA (finite element analysis) optimised lamina shape for conveyor systems and packing machines, or one of the special tailored solutions, the development of which is our application engineers’ speciality.

KTR not only drives the production of materials handling technology perfectly, but also ensures it brakes safely. For example, a kilometre-long conveyor belt system in surface mining can be stopped to the nearest centimetre with the IntelliRamp® brake control. The right braking scenarios are implemented for each situation, from a gentle delay to an immediate emergency stop. KTR will always ensure that your system stays on track – even if it needs to be stopped.

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