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The whole world wants to be mobile – and is constantly in need of more powerful railway concepts to handle local and long-distance traffic. One such design is THE SQUAIRE Metro, a cable-propelled people mover. It safely and conveniently brings up to 1,700 people per hour from the multistorey car park to the terminal at Frankfurt airport in just 90 seconds – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on a fully automatic driverless carrier system.

It is able to withstand ongoing operation using KTR’s high-performance REVOLEX® KX-D couplings which our Engineered Business team have tailored to requirements on-site. Experts from Development, Manufacturing and Sales further developed the tried-and-tested REVOLEX® bolt coupling, which has been in use for years in systems such as ski lifts and conveyor belts, to provide perfect performance for these new, horizontal requirements.

Adjustable, backlash-free bolts ensure smooth transportation of passengers while high-strength tempered steel guarantees a long service life. Thanks to the short design, pluggable axles and conical bolts, the elastomers can also be easily replaced where they’re installed without the power units on the power transmission system or output side needing to be moved – that’s exactly what is required of them for problem-free transportation at Frankfurt airport.

Check in for passenger transportation of the future. With KTR on board, you know that it is sure to arrive at its destination.

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