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MeyGen ocean current power station

From time to time, it’s also worth diving to new depths in search of clean energies. After all, water is 800 times as dense as air. You can therefore extract more energy from an underwater turbine than a wind turbine - provided, of course, you have the expertise to install wind energy technologies under the sea.

This is exactly what is happening in the Pentland Firth off the north coast of Scotland. On average, the main current there carries eight times as much water as the Amazon.

This is where Scottish power provider MeyGen is planning to build the world’s largest tidal power station. And KTR’s RADEX®-N coupling is really getting into gear in a pilot project.

KTR regards this faith in its product as an honour. That’s because you need to rely on the best, most reliable, most established products where such a strong current is involved and every maintenance operation poses a risk.

Full of power – KTR keeps it clean!

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