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ROTEX® ZRS torsionally flexible intermediate shaft coupling with SPLIT hubs or half shell hubs

ROTEX ZRS jaw coupling for bridging smaller and larger shaft distances

The light-weight type ZRS made of high-strength aluminium impresses by very high overall stiffness
The high stiffness of the aluminium pipe results from the design; here two pipes combined via webs - the ROTEX cams - are concerned.

  • There is a positive impact on the critical bending speed of the coupling; shaft distances up to 4,000 mm can be bridged subject to the very low bending. 
  • Apart from that the speed may be significantly higher with reference to the shaft distance dimension, as with the renowned intermediate pipe coupling with a steel pipe.
  • The high stiffness of the pipe allows for torque transmission from the soft 92 Sh-A spider to the torsionally stiff 64 Sh-D spider

Applications of the torsionally flexible ROTEX-ZRS intermediate pipe coupling:
The intermediate pipe coupling type ZRS is used wherever large shaft distances must be bridged, e. g. on scissors lifts and conveyors in the lower torque range.

The wide range of ROTEX hubs can be combined with the ZRS pipe and by the combination with, for example, the split ROTEX-SH-SPLIT hubs allows for radial assembly and disassembly without shifting driving and driven side.

Please note: This type is not permissible for crane and hoist drives.

  • Lightweight high-strength aluminum convinces with a very high overall stiffness.
  • For bridging larger shaft distances
  • Good damping properties by double arrangement of spiders
  • Intermediate pipe mounted flexibly in the GS spider that can be disassembled radially
  • Compensating for high displacements subject to the double-cardanic design
  • Radially mountable/dismountable via clamping hubs type DH
  • Damping vibrations
  • Axial plug-in
  • Axial, radial, angular compensation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Radially dismountable, easy to service
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