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High-performance steel lamina couplings RIGIFLEX-HP C by KTR Systems GmbH

RIGIFLEX®-HP C Steel laminae couplings

Laminae couplings for severely high-speed drives

The RIGIFLEX-HP steel laminae couplings (High-performance coupling) are used for severely high-speed drives with a circumferential speed of up to 200 m/s.

The special properties of this coupling type are smooth running even with highest speeds and the weight-optimised design. 
Due to the low coupling weight of these steel laminae couplings the loads on driving and driven side are reduced as far as possible. 


RIGIFLEX®-HP C Steel laminae couplings (High-performance coupling):

  • Laminae couplings / All-steel couplings
  • Torsionally stiff, backlash-free and maintenance-free steel laminae couplings
  • High displacements
  • Rated torque up to 280,000 Nm
  • Double-cardanic type
  • Standard series up to a shaft diameter of 400 mm
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0 - 330,000 Nm


Compact and weight-optimised steel laminae coupling

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0 - 330,000 Nm


For large diameters and high speeds

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