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10 up to 80 kN

KTR-STOP® S-xx passive, spring-actuated fixed caliper brake

Applicable as a service brake or safety brake

The brake caliper S-xx is designed as a fixed caliper brake the benefit of which is that the maintenance intervals for readjusting the wear of pad can be increased compared to floating caliper brakes. The use of guide rings and the option to fully wear off the pads allow for the possibility to implement long maintenance intervals and optimize operating costs.

Depending on the size of the drive, this brake is either used as a service brake or safety brake. All features of this brake are aiming at operating reliably under most demanding environmental conditions while generating lowest operating costs thanks to its design.

  • High flexibility with respect to thickness of brake disk
  • Use in cryogenic temperature range
  • Leakage oil connections prevent leakages on the brake pad
  • Short reaction times
  • Easy replacement of brake pads
  • Compact design
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