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Oil/ air cooler OAC by KTR Systems GmbH

Oil/air coolers

Oil/air coolers for stationary hydraulics and mobile machines

Compact and high-performance oil/air coolers type OAC and OPC for cooling of hydraulic, gear, lubricating and engine oils as well as water glycol.

Besides maritime and ATEX versions the coolers are available in combination with thermal or pressure bypass valves. Main applications are hydraulic power packs, machine tools, hydraulic presses, wind power and rail technology as well as iron and steel industry.

Applications of our oil/air coolers:

Our oil/air heat exchangers are mainly used for cooling oil in the return flow of hydraulic systems with constant fan drives.

  • hydraulic power packs (industrial hydraulics)
  • machine tools and industrial machines
  • hydraulic presses
  • mobile hydraulics (e. g. construction machinery, cranes)
  • wind power and rail technology as well as iron and steel industry.

Our range of compact and high-performance oil/air coolers includes high-performance coolers for stationary and mobile hydraulics (OAC oil/air coolers), bypass flow coolers with an integrated pump (OPC oil/air coolers) and bellhousings with an integrated oil/air cooler (PIK oil/air cooler).

Oil/air coolers by KTR Systems:

  • Defined portfolio of oil coolers
  • Single-circuit cooler
  • Performance-related product selection
  • Recorded in catalogue tables
Product requestCatalogue
0 - 350 kW cooling capacity, 0 - 750 l/min oil volume flow


High-performance cooling for stationary and mobile hydraulics

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2 - 110 kW cooling capacity, 5 - 170 l/min oil volume flow


Bypass flow cooling with integrated pump

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Cooling capacity up to 5.5 kW Volume flow up to 80 l/min


Bellhousing with integrated oil/air cooler PIK

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