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One-piece flexible flange couplings MONOLASTIC type with 3 holes by KTR Systems GmbH

MONOLASTIC® one-piece, flexible flange couplings

Flange coupling particularly suitable for the drive of hydraulic pumps

The MONOLASTIC® coupling is a flexible flange coupling enabling compensation of radial and angular displacements with severely low restoring forces through the elastomer part.

As a result this flange coupling is particularly suitable for the drive of hydraulic pumps in single or multiple arrangement. Due to the already mounted and thus one-piece design the MONOLASTIC flange coupling is specifically easy to install.


Our one-piece, flexible flange couplings MONOLASTIC:

  • One-piece, flexible flange coupling
  • For the drive in diesel engine / hydraulic pump up to 250 kW
  • various kinds of Shore hardness
  • Axial plug-in in combination with the pump spline shaft
  • Available for SAE and DIN pump spline shafts
  • Available with 3-hole and SAE connection
  • Max. torque 1,850 Nm
  • Max. circumferential speed vmax=29 m/s
  • Max. bore diameter 60 mm
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0 - 400 Nm

MONOLASTIC® type with 3 holes

One-piece flange coupling with bore pattern with 3 holes

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0 - 1,850 Nm


One-piece flange coupling with SAE connection

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