Hydraulic, electromechanical

IntelliRamp® brake control

Control system for program-controlled, accurate braking processes

IntelliRamp is an electronic control system allowing for accurate braking processes via program control.

In conjunction with IntelliRamp the KTR brakes are optimally suitable for use in sophisticated applications.

Operation/structure of the electronic brake control IntelliRamp

The IntelliRamp brake control system controls the clamping force of the brake and the resulting braking force continuously. This allows to control both hydraulic and electromechanical brakes sensitively based on the operating instructions.

The heart of the system is the control computer with its touchscreen. It takes over all operations of calculation and monitoring that are necessary for controlling the brakes. In addition IntelliRamp controls and monitors the operation of the power pack with hydraulic brakes; for that purpose parameters such as oil level, oil temperature and hydraulic pressure are recorded by the system. The overall system has an uninterruptible power supply to allow for performing a full braking cycle in case of power failure. This will allow the user to keep the full control of the brakes even with critical conditions of the machine while preventing damages on the machine.

Operation of the electronic brake control IntelliRamp

The control system is operated via a touchscreen with menu navigation. Other relays are not necessary which increases the availability and reliability of IntelliRamp significantly. Needless to say that many standard bus systems (e. g. Profibus, EtherCAT, etc.) are available as options for your communication as well.

  • Ramp-supported braking process:
    • constant deceleration function
    • constant time function
    • constant speed function
  • Overspeed monitoring
  • Reverse lock
  • Online remote operation
  • Can be combined with KTR-STOP and EMB-STOP brake systems
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