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Damping rods

Damping rods reduce the noise level and dampen vibrations

Our damping rods are an effective structure-borne noise separation of the motor-pump-unit with horizontal mounting on the tank.

The structure-borne noise is effectively damped by the combination of metal and natural rubber. Moreover, the damping rods reinforce the adjacent structure such as seams or welded reinforcement sheets which has a positive effect on structure-borne noise separation.

Damping rods DS: for all IEC motor sizes 80 - 355
Damping rods DSFL: for all KTR foot flanges PTFL
Damping rods DSFS: for all KTR foot flanges PTFS
For KTR-PIK (bellhousing with integrated oil/air cooler)

  • Reduce the noise level and dampen vibrations
  • Well-damping natural rubber
  • No metallic connection from body to base
  • Reinforce the base they are mounted on
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