Ø150 - Ø350 mm, 650 - 4,100 N

Damping ring D

Optimally suitable for noise reduction with high strength at the same time

High power density and high pressure with increasingly lightweight components increase the noise level. All the more important is structure-borne noise separation by secondary damping measures.

For that purpose KTR provides excellently suitable measures for structure-borne noise separation: In the first place there is the damping ring between pump and bellhousing as the most effective measure, since it acts immediately at the source of noise generation (of the pump).

Due to its locking mechanism (more rigid and at the same time more quiet) the damping ring D has twice the effective surface so that it can accept more weight yet being more quiet.

  • D150 to D330 with particularly resilient locking
  • Used between bellhousing and pump
  • Serves for structure-borne noise separation of pump to the drive unit
  • Nose reduction by reflexion of structure-borne noise vibrations
  • High-quality NBR vulcanised on aluminium supports
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