Size 200 - 350

Bellhousing PSG for servo hydraulics

Bellhousing made of steel for special demands

Our bellhousings made of steel are suitable for extreme demands. Up to size 300 they are turned from the bar stock, from size 350 they are welded.

These bellhousings can be manufactured in almost every length and version.

  • Circular and rectangular type on the motor side
  • Flange dimensions to fit square connection diagrammes of servo motors
  • Special lengths and versions
  • 3.1 certificate
  • Also available in stainless steel
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Bellhousing as a connection element in power pack manufacture

In power pack manufacture bellhousings are used as a connection element between electric motor and hydraulic pump. They center the shafts of motor and pump and additionally serve as coupling protection.

Our bellhousings type PK and PL were manufactured based on the latest knowledge of designing and casting. All new designs are optimised via the FEM method beforehand and tested in our in-house test centre on completion. Flange collar and length of the brackets correspond to VDMA standard 24561.

The bellhousings are available in the materials aluminium, cast iron, nodular iron and steel.

To optimise the noise behaviour of the power packs, it is possible to provide the bellhousings with damping elements.

Selection of bellhousings:

The selection program of bellhousings will allow you to find the right components to optimally connect electric motor and pump. Depending on the application you are in a position to select appropriate additional components such as damping elements and foot flanges.

5 steps are sufficient for a complete selection:
1st step : selection of pump manufacturer
2nd step: selection of pump type
3rd step : selection of electric motor
4th step : selection of potential coupling versions
5th step : selection of extra components

Done! The selection can be printed as a PDF or DXF file or can be transferred immediately in the web shop.

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