Size 200 - 660

Foot flanges PTFS

Foot flange availabe made of aluminium or nodular iron

Horizontal mounting is possible in combination with KTR foot flanges type PTFS with all bellhousings.

Type PTFS (heavy type compared to PTFL) is available in nodular iron in almost every size.

Foot flanges PTFS:
- for belhousings size 200 - 660
- material aluminium: low weight with sufficient strength
- material nodular iron: for high loads as well as mobile and maritime applications

  • Heavy version for higher loads
  • Compact, space-saving version
  • Materials: aluminium and nodular iron
  • Reduces storage to only one motor for horizontal and vertical mounting
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Manifold accessories for bellhousings

Our range of accessories for bellhousings includes components for noise optimisation (damping rings, damping rods and elastic flanges), foot flanges for horizontal mounting as well as mounting flanges ZO and gaskets to facilitate maintenance of the drive unit.

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