Hydraulics is facing a growing competition with other technologies, specifically electromechanical drive technology. For that reason the trend is clearly towards servo hydraulics the high power density of which is combined with high accuracy, good controllability and high efficiency.

Another current subject is the users‘ request for low-noise hydraulic systems. Apart from that hydraulic systems are increasingly integrated in superordinate systems in terms of control and data processing technology for the purpose of Industry 4.0 (energy and thermo management, condition monitoring …).

For almost 50 years our business unit of hydraulics has provided a continuously growing portfolio of high-quality hydraulic components originating from in-house development and production. It includes sophisticated system modules for thermo management such as combined coolers and tank heaters. This means that we are a „full liner“ providing the hydraulics industry with bellhousings, foot flanges, damping elements, coolers and oil tanks working in a close cooperation with our customers. It starts with projecting: here we are working with 3D models which are integrated in the customers‘ data records. The complete power packs can be assessed and optimized via virtual reality, if necessary.

Our product range for hydraulics


KTR products, such as coolers, bell housing and ROTEX®, are applied daily.

KTR couplings always fit well and don't break down.