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The 4th generation of screw compressors

BOGE has recently launched the fourth generation of series S into the market via the S-4 models. The new screw compressors will be available with motor powers of 110, 132 and 160 kW for the time being – optionally as a basic compressor with integrated gearbox, directly coupled or directly coupled with frequency control. Moreover, BOGE provides the types with 110 KW as other variants – with gearbox and dryer, directly coupled with dryer or directly coupled with dryer and frequency control. Depending on the type the models operate at a maximum pressure between 7.5 and 13 bar reaching an effective volume between 5.5 and 27.6 m3/min. Other S-4-models sizes 55 to 110 kW as well as types with a direct drive and integrated gearbox are to follow with the next stage of development.

Heart of the S-4-series is the „IntegrateDrive“ compressor stage with integrated gearbox. By using a bellhousing made of nodular iron gearbox and and motor shaft are optimally and solidly aligned to each other. The two shafts are connected via a fail-safe coupling series POLY-NORM AR. The shaft coupling damping torsional vibrations is suitable for axial plug-in, easy to assemble and maintenance-free with short dimensions.

  • Reference Pumps and Compressors Boge by KTR Systems GmbH
  • Reference Pumps and Compressors Boge by KTR Systems GmbH

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