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DATAFLEX<sup>®</sup> 32
  • accuracy 0,1%
  • backlash-free
  • double-cardanic
  • maintenance-free
  • torsionally rigid

Product features

  • Measuring ranges: 100 Nm, 300 Nm, 500 Nm

  • Contactless measurement

  • Inaccuracy < 0,1% of the terminal value

  • Double channel speed measurement with 720 pulses/revolution

  • Reliable values measured in the machine monitoring, process control and test bench technology

  • Additional direct voltage output for speed

The recently developed DATAFLEX® 32 is available for measuring torque ranges of 100 Nm, 300 Nm and 500 Nm. The torque is measured using the well-approved technology of wire strain gauges combined with the latest electronic components. 

The torque signals are processed without contact at a high resolution of 24 bit achieving an accuracy of 0,1 % of the terminal value. Supplementary to torque measuring the size 32 has a speed encoder providing two signals with a resolution of 720 pulses per revolution.

Couplings accessories: DATAFLEX® with RADEX®-N

  • Backlash-free, torsionally rigid combination
  • Easy assembly through clamping ring hubs
  • Ideal solution to compensate for angular, radial and axial displacements