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RIGIFLEX<sup>®</sup>-HP L
  • 280 degree max. operating temperature
  • torsionally rigid
  • backlash-free
  • consider shaft distance
  • maintenance-free
  • Atex
  • absorbs axial misalignment
  • absorbs radial misalignment
  • absorbs angular misalignment
  • API 671
  • double-cardanic

Product features

  • High-performance steel lamina coupling for high-speed and demanding drives

  • Torque up to 330,000 Nm

  • Type L for large shaft diameters

  • Spacer to be assembled/disassembled radially

  • Low-ventilation type

  • Variable spacer lengths

  • Torsional stiffness optimised for individual applications

  • In accordance with API 671

API 671

The RIGIFLEX®-HP corresponds to the specifications of the API 671 standard. The RIGIFLEX®-HP is designed for the use in high-performance applications in particular. This coupling type is especially used in high-speed drive trains  that need to be customized regarding torsional stiffness and mass distribution to meet the requirements of the whole system. Typical application areas of the RIGIFLEX®-HP are:

Turbo compressors
High-speed pump drives
Generator drives
Turbine drives