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Precision joints H/HD with needle bearing

Precision joints H/HD with needle bearing
  • absorbs angular misalignments max. 45°
  • -25 up to +120 degree operating temperature
  • torsionally rigid
  • double-cardanic
  • absorbs radial misalignment
  • maintenance-free
  • max. speed 4000 rpm

Product features

  • Type H: Precision single joint with needle bearing

  • Type HD: Precision double joint with needle bearing

  • Max. speed = 4.000 1/min.

  • Max. articulation angle = 45° each joint

  • Needle bearing is maintenance-free

  • Available with finish bore H7; on request with keyway, square or hexagon bore

  • Also available as clamping hub

The precision joints consist of a joint center piece and two hub bodies connected through some tabs. A plain bearing, type G, or a needle bearing, type H, make sure for the bearing of the joint heads. Openings are provided for lubrication of the plain bearings. The precision joints with needle bearing are designed with a permanent lubrication and are thus maintenance-free. Both options offer a high efficiency level as well as smooth running with low friction.

Precision joints H/HD with needle bearing
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