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Foot flanges PTFL

Foot flanges PTFL

Product features

  • Light design suitable for all stationary units

  • Suitable up to an engine size of 160L

  • Compact, space-saving design in comparison with the electric engine IMB35

  • Material aluminium: low weight with sufficient strength

  • All sizes available from stock

  • Reduces the storage to only one electric motor for horizontal and vertical assembly

Bellhousing Selection

It is the right selection that matters! Our Bellhousing Selection tool helps to find the right components to connect motor and pump in the best way. Depending on the individual application additional components such as damping elements and foot flanges can be added.

Find the right components in 5 steps:

Step 1: Choose the pump manufacturer
Step 2: Select the type of pump
Step 3: Choose the IEC motor
Step 4: Select the possible coupling type
Step 5: Add optional components upon your wish

Done! The selection can be downloaded as PDF or DXF file and upon your wish you can transfer it directly to our webshop.